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Welcome to my homepage about the Russian swing lens camera »Horizon 202«.

You can see here a lot of my own works done with the »Horizon 202«. To enter one of the galleries choice »Galerie« on the left navigation bar. With »Galerie wählen« you can now switch from one gallery to the next. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger version of a picture. Use the button »[zurück] | [vor]« to go to the previous or the next picture. If you have a slow internet connection, please be patient.

Are you interested in some technical aspects of the »Horizon 202«? Than visit the technique area (»Technik«). The informations are only in german available, but perhaps you would enjoy the illustrations. And on the bottom of the site you will find a lot of links to sites with explanations in english.

Don't forget to have a look at my link list (»Links«). It's a very, very large site with items to any aspects of panoramic photography (not only »Horizon 202«). There are informations about photographer (»Fotografen«), books (»Bücher«), associations (»Verbände, Vereinigungen und Foren«), camera manufacturer (»Kameras«) the history and technical aspects of panoramic photography (»Technische Aspekte und Geschichte«). I promise, you will find something new and really amazing here.

Did you like my homepage? Then vote for it. Click on »Seite bewerten« and then on each of the big picture-buttons. Or link to it: http://www.panoramic-shot.com.

You know an interesting link I haven't listet yet? Please send me an e-mail.

Notice: Don't use any photos, illustrations, the text or part of the text of my website for commercial purpose.

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